A Smart Way To Protect Your Car

A car Security system is the best way to protect your car from being theft and break-in. The most basic system feature is shocked sensors which trigger the alarm there is any disturbance in the car movement and ignition kill switches that disable the starter if the car is broken into.safety structures additionally paintings along with your strength door locks, so that you can lock and unlock the doors from a distance the usage of the safety gadget’s far-flung. Many security systems offer remote key which lets you start the car from the distance.

Most of the system uses radio system frequency to communicate with the car but the smart key as limited range and if you are in a place where the signal is blocked, although there are some remotes with 2-way transceivers and LCD screens, they too suffer from the curse of limited range. Most of the system you have to check whether the car is responding to the signal or not.

Today’s car security system is taken a one step further, which allows the user to control their car security system form cellphone network and smartphone almost anywhere where you go.This smartphone operated security systems provide confirmation that your commands have been received at your car, and they’ll alert you when the alarm’s been activated via a text message.

GPS Tracking

The Global Positioning System is used to track the location of the car. It used the global navigation satellite system(GNSS) that provide reliable location and time information at all time in any weather condition on earth. It uses the satellite signal to calculate the latitude, longitude, and altitude to compute the three-dimensional position. Therefore GPS is a key technology to find the exact location of the car.

GSM Technology

A GSM is a special type of modem which accept sim car and operate over the mobile phone. GSM technology is a wireless modem which sends and receive data through radio waves. GSM modem support standard AT command as well as extended AT command, with this command you can control a particular set of command.

Microcontroller Unit

This is the main part of the unit. Every command that has been instructed to the system is given by this unit only. It receives the signal from the sensor and GPS and sends a message to alter to the owner. Microcontroller manage ECU(Electronic Control Unit) function such as seats, power window, breaking, steering, taillight, and headlight.

Vibration Sensor

This sensor is used to measure the vibration. When any obstacle hits the vehicle this sensor sends the signal indicating the intensity of the motion. A lot of people use this sensor for security purpose when the sensor detects the vibration it sends the signal to the microcontroller and the microcontroller sends the message to the contact number stored in the controller.

These are some security system which helps your car from being stolen or theft. The GSM access the position of the vehicle at any instant and GPS are used to locate the position of the car.